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Masks were an essential part of the Greek Theatre, and provided means of transformation. The actor was able to put on a second face and transcend everyday life, taking on a theatrical persona.

No actual masks for Greek Theater survived history to give a true example of the masks used for the Greek comedies and tragedies. We can only guess at exactly how the designs worked with the ritual of performance common to Greek Theater. We think we know that the masks typically encompassed the head and would have been made out of organic materials such as leather, linen and human or animal hair.

The Greek theater masks created by are inspired by both historic and modern practice as concerns their poetic form. None of the masks completely imitate the historic renderings of Greek masks from surviving vases and reliefs. Some are, however, deeply inspired by ancient art. The theater masks here have been created over the years for a variety of plays.

Each of these Greek Theater Masks could be described as a half mask, a three-quarter mask, a helmet mask or full-face character mask. The half and three-quarter masks were chosen to allow for the widest range of expression and greatest ease of vocal projection.

New Designs are be added all the time. Keep checking back to see what is new. Don’t see a mask you are looking for?  Ask the mask maker for a custom made mask.

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