Category: Full-Face Character Masks

The full face character masks offered through the studio have been created as masks for schools, colleges, universities, individual artists and professional production companies.

Each of the masks sees the world from a unique point of view and has a full range of emotional life. The full face character masks lend themselves to a pure play of action while our character half masks allow for the use of text.

These theater masks are an excellent tool when used as masks for actor training in a Lecoq based training build. This method begins with the Neutral Mask, moves to Larval Mask (Basel Mask) and then Full face Character Mask before moving to the Commedia Masks and ending with clown.

New full face character masks are being developed so check back to see the newest additions. Don’t see what you are looking for, ask the mask maker for a custom made mask.

Create you own set or choose one of the predetermined sets offered below.

Individual masks are $89.00
Order any 10 masks for $870 (Save $30)
Order any 15 masks for $1,260 (Save $75)
Order any 21 masks for $1,680 (Save $189)

Full face character mask by jonathan kipp becker