Custom Mask-Making

Jonathan works with many of his clients to develop custom masks for new works, existing plays and individual use. The process of having custom masks made involves:

Take a look at custom made masks created for theatrical productions, film, television, DJ’s and Cosplay aficionados.

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Custom Mask Making DJ Masks

Step One

Collaboration with the client concerning what is to be created through the sharing of images, designs  and descriptions of what the end product is intended to be.

Step Two

The mask(s) is sculpted in clay and images of the sculpture(s) are emailed to the client

Step Three

The Client approves the sculpture(s) or asks for changes. Changes are made if necessary and new images are emailed to the client until we have arrived at the final piece the client is happy with.

Step Four

The clay sculpture(s) is cast making a negative mold.

Step Five

The mask is made in the mold

Step Six

The mask is finished, shipped, installed or used in performance

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Custom work is priced according to each individual project. Very detailed estimates are provided to each client. “There is no problem to which there is no solution.” Therefore when you ask: “Can we do…” the answer will always be: “Yes!”