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Custom Mask Making Services

Custom Masks (The Collaborative Process):

Jonathan works with many of his clients to develop custom masks for new works, existing plays and individual use. The process of having custom masks made involves:

  1. Jonathan and the client (you) reach an understanding of the overall project.
  2. Jonathan and the client (you again) reach an understanding of the characters that the masks will become.
  3. The client (still you) reviews the initial sculptures proposed by Jonathan (this is often done via email through a review of digital photographs of the actual sculptures from which the masks will be made).
  4. The client (always you) suggests any changes or modifications.
  5. The client (you, you, you) reviews the changes made to the sculptures.
  6. You approve the sculptures, unless you want more changes.
  7. The approved sculptures are cast.
  8. The masks are made.

Please contact Jonathan to discuss your custom mask project!

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Master Mask Maker Jonathan Kipp Becker offers:

  • Custom-made theater masks for specific productions
  • Custom masks for actor training
  • Cosplay Masks
  • Masks for favorite anime or video game characters
  • Original Decorative Masks




Custom work is priced according to each individual project. Very detailed estimates are provided to each client.

“There is no problem to which there is no solution.”

Therefore when you ask: “Can we do…” the answer will always be: “Yes!”

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Clients who have used Jonathan’s Mask-making skills include:


Custom Soft Foam Masks

Ask about Soft Foam Headpieces!

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