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The animal masks and insect masks have been created for a wide variety of events and productions. There are masks for story telling, opera, trade shows, environmental activism and just buzzing about.

Included in the collection of animal masks and insect masks are a number designs build to be worn on top of the head much like the headpieces for the Lion King. The there are 4 types of masks offered.  Full face animal masks, half masks in animal form, top hat masks and head pieces.

Full face masks are designed to be worn over the entire face.
Half masks are designed to cover only half the face so the actor can speak or make sound
Top Hat style masks are worn on the top of the actor or dancers head are made made visible by pointing the top of the head toward the audience. This allows the body and spine to engage mechanically like the animal depicted.
Head pieces are designed so the head of the animal is worn on top of the head of the actor and the actors face is then seen beneath the animal head above.

Animal masks were the first masks put into use by ancient primitive humans. The first masks worn were the actual head of the animal killed in the hunt.  the severed head would be placed on the head of the hunter or Shaman and the hunt would then be danced in reenactment around the fire to celebrate the kill, the life sacrificed and the sustenance that gives and maintains life.

In many cultures animals were those that existed first before humankind and were responsible for bringing the planet and all life on it into being. These stories are told through ritual and dance using the animal masks.

If you can imagine yourself opening the NASDAQ wearing a dog mask or a cat mask choose one of those from the collection. The dogs and cats pictured here have actually opened trading on the NASDAQ in New York City.

Keep checking for new designs when you’re curious about new masks. Curiosity only killed the cat you know.

Animal masks design by jonathan kipp becker

To see the masks modeled or additional images of the masks click on the product image.

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