Workshops and Residencies

Jonathan offers a variety of services as a teaching artist. Classes in mask performance as well as workshops in mask making have been offered to students throughout the United States, in Europe and in China. He also offers course work in movement for actors, physical comedy, acrobatics and unarmed combat.

Some of the pre-designed workshops and the Performance Demonstration are listed here. As with everything Jonathan does, custom workshops and residencies can be created to fit your training program or organization.

Past Residencies have been in:

  • Neutral Mask
  • Character Mask
  • Character Half-Mask
  • Larval Mask
  • The Mask Intensive (Neutral, Larval, Character Half Mask)
  • Greek Theatre Mask
  • The Commedia dell’Arte
  • Theatre Clown/Physical Comedy
  • Mask Making (Creation of Expressive Form)

The Performance Demonstration:

Facing Humanity: Masks of History and Culture, a Performance Demonstration

In this performance, Jonathan performs masks from across cultures and from throughout history. This demonstration of the masks is an exciting experience for audiences allowing them to experience the art of masked performance at its finest.

Masks are stories. It is through the sharing of our stories that we grow to understand one another, where we realize the human experience is a universal one. Through the understanding and knowledge, the barriers that exist between peoples disappear; instead of walls there rises kindness, compassion, empathy and a celebration of our extraordinary differences. – Jonathan Becker

Facing Humanity Poster