Masks From Select Past Projects

Although this website serves as an overall portfolio for the Jonathan’s work, some masks are not shown anywhere else. All of the masks pictured below were designed for specific productions.

Some of these theater masks are available for purchase upon request.

lease contact Jonathan to ask about buying a copy of one of these masks.

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Absentia Lunae


Custom Theater Masks - Absentia Lunae

Dwarf Mask

International Vocal Institute – Paris, France

Custom Dwarf Theater Mask


Horos Theatre Company – Thessaloniki, Greece

Custom Theatre Masks - Golfo


Individual Artist

Custom Theater Mask - Strascino

The Fire Bird

Baltimore Symphony

Custom Theater Masks - The Firebird

Unicorn Mask

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice And Other Stories

Enchantment Theatre

Custom Theater Masks for The Sorcerer's Apprentice


Enchantment Theatre

Custom Theater Masks - Pinnochio

Custom Theater Masks - Pinnochio

Pinnocio Masks

Pinnochio Masks

Pinnochio Masks

The Snow Queen

Enchantment Theatre

The Snow Queen Mask & Puppet

The Snow Queen - Prince & Princess

Snow Queen - Goblin Masks

Snow Queen - Gerta, Kai, and Grandmother Masks

Snow Queen - Shaman, Flower, and Reindeer

The Merry Adventures of Till Eulenspiegel

Enchantment Theatre

Till Eulenspiegel

Till Eulenspiegel

Till Eulenspiegel

Bravo: “On With The Show!”

In April 2001 Bravo, the arts and entertainment cable television network, launched “Bravo, On With The Show,” a major grassroots initiative that in its first year will feature a 20-city national touring theatre arts workshop conducted by Broadway teaching artists. Jonathan Becker was hired as part of the teaching team to make masks for the workshops, to help in the development of curriculum and to teach three workshops for the tour. They include, “Acting with Masks,” “Physical Comedy,” and “Storytelling.”

Bravo Custom Theater Masks

Bravo Custom Theater Masks

Bravo Custom Theater Masks

Beauty and the Beast

Enchantment Theatre

Beauty and the Beast Theater Masks


Individual Artist Request

Shpongled Custom MasksShpongled Custom Mask Closeup

Shpongled Sample Mask

Big Nazo

Puppet for First Night

Big Nazo Puppet

Big Nazo Puppet

Crow & Weasel

National High School Institute

Crow & Weasel - Bear

Crow & Weasel - Badger Crow & Weasel - Mountain Lion

A Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange Mask

Custom Individual Masks

Pokerworld Trade Show Custom Mask  Raven Mask

Custom Line Mask  Custom Skull Mask

Bleach Masks

Exhibitions, Installations, and More

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