Category: Larval Masks

The Larval Masks (Basel Masks) offered by the studio are based on many of the masks used as masks for actor training at the International School of Theater Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France. Larval Masks come from Carnival in Switzerland and are also referred to as Basel Masks.

These masks were created specifically as masks for schools, colleges and universities as well as individual teaching artists.  There are several different worlds of larval represented in these designs.

The Larval Masks (Basel Masks) are part of a training sequence that also involves neutral mask, full face character mask or character half mask and then commedia mask.

Don’t see a Larval Mask form you would like? Ask the mask maker to create one for you!

Individual masks are $112.00
Order any 12 masks for $1,200 (Save $144)
Order all 14 masks for $1,400 (Save $168)

Larval Masks by jonathan kipp becker