Grasshopper Mask

The Grasshopper half mask is perfect for for hip hop! Or just jump in and buy it with joy.  The mask is a combination of rigid latex, pipe cleaners and acrylic paint.

Grasshopper is well liked for many things.  Her command of the Finnish language?  Unimpeachable!  Her fiery renditions of 1980s power ballads at the local karoke establishment?  Incendiary!  Her ability to store food for the winter?  Well, grasshoppers can’t have everything.  But she’ll be happy to play you a song while you heat up some of your leftovers for her!




The Old Green Grasshopper half mask represents a sophisticated intellectual, who really does know everything there is to know.  He is a lovers of life as well as a consummate musician.

The lines of this mask create a direct energy and a perspective from all is seen with the utmost clarity.

The mask is made of rigid latex and pipe cleaners that have been dipped in the same material.  It is extremely durable and the springy quality of the antennae add to the joyous personality of this mask.

Grasshopper:  This is an outrage!  You are a disgrace to your Phylum, Order, Class, genus and Spe…

Centipede:  Say it in English!

Grasshopper: You, sir, are an ASS!
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