Set of 10

The set of ten neutral masks was created to allow for discount if purchasing for a classroom.  Once you have selected the set any additional neutral masks added to the set will be charged at the set price.  There are 5 male neutral masks and 5 female neutral masks in a set.  However, you can request any combination of male and female masks and still receive the set price.  So customize your order!

These masks are being used in class rooms all over the world to train actors.  Join the ranks of the best training programs on the planet and order a set today.




The idea of a neutral mask for actor training was originated by Jacques Copeau and effectively disseminated throughout the world by Jacques Lecoq.

The neutral mask is intended to provide for an actor the basic principles of playing action necessary to play any style of theatre.  These masks are based on the masks used at the Lecoq School in Paris.

Sears Eldredge say this of neutral mask: “It attempts to erase the individuality; to get at the essence;to get at man rather than this man.”

The neutral mask is not a mask worn on the surface it is one that come from deep within and so an great tool for training actors.