Female Neutral

The female neutral mask is the gender opposite to the male mask and used along side of the male neutral in actor training for the theater.  The different masks exist because the male and female human being are physically and spiritually different and approach the world from different perspectives.

Like its counterpart this neutral mask is made out of neoprene, has an adjustable strap and is easily sanitized.  The masks will include a care sheet to explain how to take care of and clean the masks between use.

The neutral masks are excellent tools in actor training.  The work of the neutral mask is one of absolute economy of movement.  It is an exercise in the discovery of the least amount of movement and energy needed to accomplish an action.

“It is the discovery of self, but not through the self.”  – Felner




The female neutral mask is used in actor training for the theater.

Neutral mask teaches the actor economy of movement.  The importance of discovery.  The importance of the actors relations ship to space.

The mask both hides and reveals.