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Male Neutral


The practice of using Neutral Mask to train actors began with Jacques Copeau and was developed by Jacques Lecoq.  This male neutral is loosely based on the Sartori masks used at the Lecoq School in Paris.

This male neutral is made out of neoprene and has an adjustable strap.  The mask is easily sanitized and comes with a care sheet that explains how to best maintain the mask.

If you have questions about how the masks are used in actor training feel free to check out the resources on the About Masks in Actor Training page or just give Jonathan a call.

Bari Rolphe says this of the neutral mask: “the mask acts as a medium through which both strengths and weaknesses of the actor can be seen.”



With the donning of the neutral mask, the actor must leave behind his or her personality, everything that he or she knows, all the physical qualities that make the individual distinctive, and start in a state of simple readiness for what is to come next.

The neutral mask admonishes the actor to reach for a state of not knowing in which discovery of what is new is the only way to move forward through the world.

There is no better tool to provide for basic understanding of the actors process than the neutral mask.



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2020 Mask Workshop Welcome!!  Jonathan Becker offers on-site workshops in partnership with The North American Laboratory of the Performing Arts, a small institute dedicated to a broad cultural exploration of the performing arts, the creation of new works, the exploration of fundamental principles and inspiring artists to be agents of change.

The Mansion, in Muncie, IndianaThe Mansion

The Charles Over Mansion in Muncie, Indiana’s historic district provides an ideal setting for artistic retreat and study. The workshops are held at the Mansion or in the historic theatres and studio spaces of downtown Muncie. Workshop participants are housed at The Mansion and other locations within the historic district all within walking distance of the workshop location, restaurants for dinner and Muncie’s quiet nightlife. The Mansion at 825 East Washing Street is one of Muncie’s greatest architectural offerings.  The beauty and handwork of the structure itself are an inspiration to its visitors.

Masks in Performance Teacher/Actor Training Workshop – June 22-26, 2020

A workshop for performers, students and teachers. Explore one of the most effective methods of actor training through Neutral, Larval and Character Half Mask. the mask tangibly reveals to the actor the intricacies of the art of performance, directing and an application of understandings to all styles of acting.


Mask Making: An Exploration of Expressive Form Workshop – June 16-19, 2020

This workshop explores the entire process and understandings necessary to create an expressive form, a mask that appears to change expression as it moves through space. 

Acting Mask Training

Each Workshop is $750 and includes lodging, breakfast and lunch for five days.

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Flexible Payment Available

We recognize that even $600 can be a significant investment for theater practitioners and instructors, so we offer flexible payment plans. Reserve your spot today with only $200, and pay the remainder before the workshop begins. We also offer financial aid for qualified participants and grant submission support. Contact Jonathan if you are interested.