Teaching: Workshops & Residencies

Jonathan offers a variety of services as a teaching artist. Classes in mask performance as well as workshops in mask making have been offered to students throughout the United States, in Europe and in China. He also offers course work in movement for actors, physical comedy, acrobatics and unarmed combat. Some of the pre-designed workshops and the Performance Demonstration are listed here. As with everything Jonathan does, custom workshops and residencies can be created to fit your training program or organization. Go here for a schedule of current workshops and residences. Go here for Jonathan’s current teaching resume (PDF Format)
jonathan-becker-teaches-mask-making-oslo-norway2 A student wearing one of Jonathan's teaching masks Jonathan demonstrating mask usage

Past Residencies have been in:

  • Neutral Mask
  • Character Mask
  • Character Half-Mask
  • Larval Mask
  • The Mask Intensive (Neutral, Larval, Character Half Mask)
  • Greek Theatre Mask
  • The Commedia dell’Arte
  • Theatre Clown/Physical Comedy

The Performance Demonstration:

Facing Humanity: Masks of History and Culture, a Performance Demonstration This exciting performance is a celebration of world cultures through mask performance.

Current Workshop Descriptions:

Masks in Performance: Teacher Training/ Actor Training with mask A workshop for performers, students and teachers. Explore one of the most effective methods of actor training through Neutral, Larval and Character Half Mask. the mask tangibly reveals to the actor the intricacies of the art of performance, directing and an application of understandings to all styles of acting. Mask Making, an exploration of expressive form: This workshop explores the entire process and understandings necessary to create an expressive form, a mask that appears to change expression as it moves through space. Jonathan has worked as an artist in residence, teaching mask-work and physical theatre for:
  • The Theatre Conservatory at Webster University
  • The University of Colorado Boulder
  • The University of Alabama
  • The University of the Ozarks
  • Washington University, St. Louis
  • Ball State University
  • The Baltimore School for the Arts
  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • The University of Richmond
  • The University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • The MFA in Actor Created Physical Theatre at Naropa University
  • The Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University
  • The University of Colorado BFA Program
  • Hiram College
  • Miami University
  • The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Apprentice Program
  • The College of Wooster
  • Le Centre des Arts Sevran, France
  • The Houston School for the Visual and Performing Arts
  • The New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts
  • The Boston School for the Performing Arts
  • The Rey Schule, Ebikon, Switzerland
  • The Zwischenbhune Theater, Luzern Switzerland
  • Shaker Heights High School
  • The Cleveland School of the Arts
  • The Rhode Island School of Design
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • The Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium
  • The University of Virginia,
  • Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway
  • Denison University
  • The Park School of Baltimore
  • Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Jonathan discussing the art of mask making

Click here for Jonathan’s teaching resume (PDF Format)