Second Bi-Annual Scholarship Winner

Etana Solomon

Congratulations to Etana Solomon, the second winner of’s Bi-Annual Scholarship. Etana is a student at Georgetown University.

Etana, through her work for a Microfinance NGO that focuses on female entrepreneurs called the Mann Deshi Foundation has been documenting the stories of struggle of women entrepreneurs in Mhaswad, India. Here is what Etana wrote:

“These female entrepreneurs have worked tirelessly to break free of a system that works so hard to oppress their dreams and successes. Capturing their stories has been beautiful. Their saris, which are a traditional Indian garment, sweep in the wind in all its color and gold detail. They stand strong behind their shop counter, sewing machine, and cooking pots. These women have leveraged their positions to create businesses that support them and their families. Finding the balance of workingwomen in rural India is no small feat, but behind the lens I will share their stories with the world. My visions are translated from the authenticity of their personalities and stories. The fine arts are not limited to personal expression, but being able to properly capture the expression of others.”

Etana’s response to the news of winning was:

“Are you serious!? That is so meaningful right now.”

Etana Solomon is a young artist who hopes to bring social change to the world that she touches with her work.

Artists are the keepers of culture and the guardians of the stories that preserve our humanity. Young artists who, through their mission are reaching to create a more tolerant world through the sharing of stories are needed more than ever now.  My best to Etana.