Masking The Male Form:

A celebration of the Queer Body

Masking the Male Form: A celebration of the Queer Body began in 2013 as simple exploration of photographing the masks on the male body.  I had been inspired by a post card I found.  Over the years it has become an exploration of gender, a celebration of the masks and a political statement that provokes a reaction to sex, sexuality and a celebrating of the queer body.

I am letting the project develop and take on its own form as I work with the actors, dancers and activists modeling the masks.


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A Goddess in Male Form

A Dash of Protest

Apollo Rises

Being Coy

Golden Gras

The Cultivator

The Puppeteer

The Silver Sun

Wing Man

Prints of the photos are being offered in a size associated with an 11 x 14 format depending on the photo crop.

Framed prints offered result in a sizing of the frame in the 16 x 20 range depending on the cropping of the photo.

Prints are $225.00
Framed Prints are $375.00
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