Questzal Bird Mask

Following Guatemalan styling, this animal mask depicts the sacred bird of Mayan and Aztec traditions. With an open jaw and pointed beak, the wearer has the ability to speak. A feathered brow accentuates this green-bodied beauty.  The song of the Quetzal Bird represents Freedom.  In the legend of ancient Maya the Quetzal and Tecun Uman, the great leader are inextricably linked.  When Tecun is killed by the Conquistador and the great civilization falls the song of the quetzal is lost forever and the Bird never sings again.

The Quetzal Bird Mask is a beautiful expressive form.  Find the song that it sings and find freedom in the flight of life.

This custom mask is made to order.  You might have to sit on a perch for a few days while you wait for it to arrive.