The Phoenix Rising

by Jonathan Kipp Becker



In 2020 during the shutdown I faced the total of my studio and everything related to it.  Many decisions were made to avoid a total loss.  One was to give up the creative spaces that housed the studio as well as the disposal of nearly 300 of the plaster molds created over the years in  preparation for the move to a place unknown.  Life took a turn and I found myself leaving a place were I had spent years building community, making friends and creating a place upon which to build a future.  Starting over in a new place at the age of 57 had not been part of the plan. I find myself in a new place with new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities and a growing crowd of new friends.

This piece is made from gypsum plaster, resins, hardeners, copper infused acrylic, patina spray, gold metal leaf, acrylic, plaster and ply wood.

Whether we remain the ash or become the phoenix is up to us.”

- Ming-Dao Deng
Pheonix Rising