Seeding Perspective

by Jonathan Kipp Becker



Seeding Perspective was created in 2019 after I fired a company I had hired to help with the digital marketing of the website.  I had worked with the company because of their reputation but was struggling with being able to justify the fees they were charging.  After having paid my bill one month I went to see what had been done on the site and found a single “shop now” button on the front page of the site.  I asked them if that was all they had done and the answer was, “Yes, Our web developer gets $325/hour.” I fired them in that moment and then created this piece. It took 45 hours to sculpt and then another 6 hours to finish and mount.  I then took a picture of the piece, emailed it to them and asked if they’d be willing to pay $16,575.00 for the piece ($325/hr).  Oddly, I did not hear back from them.

The mask is made of neoprene (a rigid synthetic latex) and painted with acrylics.  It is mounted on a textured wooden board (acrylic modeling paste) and painted with acrylic paints. The frame is an antique frame in which a portrait of my grandfather hung.

Originality is the best form of Rebellion.”

- Mike Sasso