In Stiches

by Jonathan Kipp Becker


In Stitches is so named because the Greek Laughing Mask is mounted on an antique embroidery.  Lots of puns intended. 

It is often hard to tell the difference between comedy and tragedy.  In my life there is pretty fine line between the two.  The absurdities of life’s struggles are easier to deal with when humor can be found.  At least that is the attempt I’m making these days.  I’m trying to see the world with 2020 vision;  that is to say a perspective developed during a year of extremes.

The mask is made of neoprene (a rigid synthetic latex), painted with acrylics and mounted to an old embroidery purchased in an antique mall during a moment of opening after a long period of shutdown in 2020.

Life is a Tragedy when seen in close up, but a comedy in long shot.”

- Charlie Chaplin