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Jack, or The Submission

Jack, or The Submission (original French title: ‘Jacques ou la soumission’), an absurdist play by Eugène Ionesco. The play is about Jack and his family all of whom are also named Jack. His love interests are all named Roberta.

Ionesco’s play is a commentary on mindless conformity. The playwright uses the convention of masking to represent compliance to the standards set by society.

Ionesco draws constant attention to ludicrous social conventions and the use and misuse of language both through small talk and wordplay.

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  • Two Noses Roberta Half Mask

    2 Noses Mask (no longer offered for sale)

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  • Three Noses Mask, Roberta Half Mask

    3 Noses Mask (no longer offered for sale)

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  • Jack or the Submission Mask Set

    Jack, or The Submission Mask Set (no longer offered for sale)

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