Meet the Suppliers

Say “Hello” to the suppliers for!

Hello! From the Studio

Tandy Leather

Provides rivets, punches, specialty tools and extraordinary customer service. I love doing business with this company and their store in Indianapolis. I have been doing business with them since 1999.

Weaver Leather

I found this company when looking for a rivet punch that would speed up my manufacturing process. They make a tool called “The Little Wonder” and it is exactly that. This tool allows the operator to set a rivet without having to punch any holes first. Using this tool makes me smile every time I rivet a strap. Oh, and the folks at Weaver Leather are super nice.

Strapping Masks with the Little Wonder

Critical Coatings

This company provides a wide variety of neoprene products of various grades.

Pouring Mask Molds

Douglass and Sturgess

Supplies the veriform used in the wig forms. This has been a very friendly company to do business with. I have been using them since 1999.

Mardi Gras Beast Mask

FX Warehouse Inc.

Supplies molding latex and some sundry supplies. I have been ordering from them since 1995.

Supplies the cutting blades and handles for trimming the masks. These folks are great, very informative and provide a great resource for some hard to find items. I have been doing business with them since 2005.

Trimming a Super Hero Mask

2010 began with the replacement of my old supplier of nylon strapping, clip buckles and tension buckles with The friendly customer service provided by this company in addition to the wide selection of products, quality and competitive pricing caused me to make the switch.

Art Mart

Supplies paint, clay and brushes to the studio. This is one of the great small independently owned art stores that provides terrific customer service as well as just plain old fashion friendship. I have been doing business with them since 2005.

Finished Lion Sculpture


Supplies silicone resin for making permanent mask positives for new molds, body casting products and expandable foams. I love this company. They have great customer service and technical support and have been tremendously helpful in many past projects. I have been doing business with them since 1998.


Supplies the shelving, bags, cleaning supplies and many other sundries for the studio. This is a terrific company of tremendous integrity with a very ethical way of doing business with both its clients and its employees. They are fast to solve problems when they occur. I have been doing business with them since 1999.