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Hyena Mask Head Piece (no longer offered for sale)

Hyena Mask Head Piece:

Despite being crafted for his role as the villain in The Great Auk, he carries with him a sense of hilarity in his misadventures. This audacious trickster reveals his taste for trouble with a smirk, because what’s a story without an antagonist? With his large ears, he’s been created to pick up on even the slightest peep from potential buyers, don’t gasp for once he’s heard you he’ll stalk you down until you add him to your cart. Order your very own hooligan today, or forever wonder at the cackles that could have filled your halls. Or let mask maker Jonathan Becker craft the heroes and villains you desire for your story.

This head piece sits on the top of the head like a hat.  The actors face is seen when wearing this theater mask.

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