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Tsungani Mask (no longer offered for sale)

The Tsungani Mask:

The sea was a valuable resource for the natives of the Northwest for it provided food, transportation, as well as inspiration. “Many legends and stories that were passed through generations involve the sea and it’s many creatures. The most important being Kumugwe’, Chief of the Undersea World.” He commanded whales, killer wales, salmon, and sea lions. Many stories involve an ancestor journeying to the bottom of the sea to visit Kumugwe’ and when the ancestor returns to land he’s brought with him wealth, rights and privileges of masks and dances given to him by the Lord of the Undersea.” Tsungani is an important figure in the art work of the Pacific Northwest as the killer whale is clan ancestor for many groups on the Northwest Coast.” Depicted here in vibrant colors, Tsugani demands your attention. Striking, yet oddly calming, you can hear the waves of the Pacific calling your name. What is it asking of you? Will you answer the call? Whether you have Native American heritage or not, a simple beauty can be found in honoring the traditions and culture of those who had an intimate relationship and a divine respect for the world in which they inhabited. What spirits of nature will you decorate your life with? Order your own custom mask today, and connect with nature in a unique way that has stood the test of time.

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