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Thunderbird Mask (no longer offered for sale)

The Thunderbird Mask:

This mask was made in the Northwest Style, but isn’t representative of one form. He is more of a conglomerate of various ideas, inspired by the legends and mythology of the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Traditionally the rights to do such a thing were carefully guarded, however the intention was to honor the artistic expression of Pacific Northwest tribes, not for ceremonial use. “The mythical thunderbirds were ancestors of many of the tribes on the coast. The thunderbird was responsible for the crashing of thunder and from his eyes lightening flashed.” Several villages’ origins’ story begins with Thunderbird’s entry into the world as the beginning of their lineage. Many contemporary artists continue that legacy by reproducing his likeness and crest.

This mask is made to order.  Ask mask maker Jonathan Becker about the time it takes for creation.

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