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Raven Boy Mask (no longer offered for sale)

Raven Boy:

Three of the most commonly carved and collected animal masks of the sky are the Huxwhakw, Crooked Beak of Heaven, and Raven. Raven had various important roles he played in the stories of the natives. For instance he brought sunlight to man and preformed other acts that man benefited from such as bringing them salmon. However he was also known to be quite the trickster and was often times a symbol of greed and gluttony. No matter the role, Raven made his presence known.

Raven boy, offers us a chance to imagine what clans may have seen the spirit of Raven reflected in them as. A personification of the qualities and roles the Raven played in day-to-day life for Pacific Northwest Natives. Insight can be found in the practice of admiring the significance natives found in the simplicities of nature

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