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Tecun Uman Mask


This custom theater mask was made in conjunction with the Dead Tecun mask. Both are used in The Dance of the Conquest, which has been used in Guatemalan culture to tell the legend of Pedro de Alvarado’s conquest of the indigenous people’s of Guatemala and the defeat of the last Mayan chief Tecún Umán. In accordance with traditional styling Tecun is depicted here with two Quetzal birds adorning his face. According to the legend this bird was Tecun’s spirit guide and when he was sleign in battle wept for his loss, covering it’s breast in his blood, giving the bird it’s red chest. The bird has since gone on to become a symbol of liberty. Tecun himself has been deemed a national hero of Guatemala, personifying dignity and bravery for the Guatemalans.

This beautiful performance mask is made of rigid latex neoprene, painted with bright acrylic paints, padded at the back and has an adjustable strap.

Buy a mask today and dance the day away.

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