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Store Policies

These masks are made to order

Please keep in mind that all masks are made to order. When your order comes into the studio it will take at least 3-4 days to complete before shipping, depending on our current order volume. I try to keep commedia, character and neutral masks in stock so they are ready to ship when an order comes in. If you need masks urgently, by all means give me a call and I’ll see what I can do: (401) 954-1768.

Limited 5-Year Waranty

The design and materials of our masks are warranted for 5 years from the date of purchase. If you discover a problem with one of our masks, and we determine it to be a design flaw or failure of materials, then the mask will be repaired or replaced at our expense. Within the first 120 days from the date of purchase, we will pay for the cost of return shipping. After 120 days, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. Please contact Jonathan directly to arrange for waranty repair or replacement.

Refund & Exchange Policies

Please contact Jonathan as soon as you discover a problem (with one of the masks; world peace is beyond my control).

Phone: (401) 954-1768

Email: jonathan [at] theater-masks [dot] com

If there is a problem with a new mask:

Contact Jonathan as soon as you discover a problem. Jonathan will work to rectify the problem. If the problem with the mask cannot be solved, and the problem is a result of our error, the mask will be repaired or replaced at our expense. If the same item has to be returned for repair, we will pay for the cost of return shipping.

Urgent Replacement Policy: A replacement mask will be shipped before the defective mask is returned only if deadlines (such as the opening of a show) do not allow enough time for us to receive the defective mask. If the defective mask is not received within thirty (30) days you will be charged for the replacement mask.

Refunds or exchanges concerning problems with new masks can only be made within 120 days of receipt of your order.

If you received the wrong mask:

Contact Jonathan Becker as soon as you discover a problem. A replacement will be sent. We will pay the cost of return shipping for any item(s) returned to Theater-Masks.com that you received as a result of our error.

Refunds or exchanges of the wrong masks can only be made within ten (10) days of receipt of your order.

If you have received a predesigned mask or masks and you are dissatisfied with the quality or you have simply decided not to keep the mask(s):

Contact Jonathan immediately. You may return the masks to Jonathan within 10 days of receipt. Once they are received and it is determined they are in good condition and have not been used you will be refunded the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee.

If you have received a custom made mask or masks and are not satisfied with the workmanship, quality or the mask does not fit to the measurements sent:

Contact Jonathan immediately. The problem will be corrected as quickly as possible at no extra cost to the client. If a mask has to be returned for adjustment, you will be reimbursed shipping charges. In the event you receive a custom made mask, are completely dissatisfied with the mask, and Jonathan is unable to correct the problem, the mask may be returned for a refund minus materials costs.

No client in our 17-year history has ever requested a full refund on custom work. Generally there is no problem for which a solution cannot be found!

If there is a problem with custom work or the custom process:

Deposits for the 50% of the cost of custom work are required up-front to begin the process. A full refund will be issued if:

  • A total failure of communication develops.
  • There is failure to create a usable product.

Once approval of a design is given by the client, and the sculptures are cast, a materials cost will be deducted from any refunds issued.

For all refunds, warranty, and exchange issues, please contact Jonathan directly:

Phone: (401) 954-1768

Email: jonathan [at] theater-masks [dot] com

Security & Privacy

Our checkout and order processing pages use industry-standard, SSL-encrypted connection. Please look for the “https://” (rather than “http://”) in your browser bar to confirm the encrypted connection.

All information provided in your order is kept private and is never shared with anyone. You might receive a holiday e-greeting because I have your email address. If that irritates you, smile more.

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