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Noah and the Great Auk

A contemporary adaptation of the story of Noah, The Great Auk asks the audience to engage with their inner child and their relationship to endangered species. Presenting these themes in drama and comedy, this Biblical story becomes universal in its teachings. In a time that is the past, and a world that is an ark, we meet our characters; an auk concerned with ensuring the survival of her species with one egg, a ewe, a bear, a lion, a malefactor hyena, and of course Noah and his array of other animals. In an effort to bridge the gap between Noah and the rest of the beasts, the auk forges an alliance with Noah. However in a mutinous plot crafted by the hyena, the auk gives her life up in order to save Noah and all of mankind. With a rainbow overhead, the survivors, along with a protected auk egg, leave the ark and journey into a frail world and ambiguous future, leaving us in the present.

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